A platform to communicate between you and with the outside.

RotaryBook improves relationships in, out and between clubs.

A powerful tool completely free.

Made by a Rotarian, for rotarians. This app was born to serve.

No cost.

  • No fees for your club. The costs are shared and supported by a small contribution when you want to "boost" the visibility of an event through our network and social networks. We are also looking for advertisers to keep the app free for all

Easy to edit.

  • A simple administration area. Designate several RoBoCo (RotaryBook Coordinator) They will share the task to send Events, Reports, reminders, newsletters, inter-club invitations. There are 3 types of posts possible, intramural, inter-club or public. The rest will be done automatically, sharing between apps to send to the clubs concerned and to send to social networks if the post is public .

Recruitment help.

  • Easily centralize exchanges and searches for new vocations. Just call your clubs.

Social network.

  • Develop in the heart of your district an immense social network of exchanges and mutual aid.

Registration process for your club

Become RoBoCo (RotaryBook Coordinator)

Step 1

Club registration

Each member who installs the app will be sympathetic, it will be necessary to ask the district manager to define a RoBoCo of the club. Contact us:

  • Tel: +32 479 54 15 14

  • Give all the information (mail, tel, N ° member, district, which will verify that you are active in the club concerned

    Send a message

    Step 2

    Feed your platform regularly

    Then you will be autonomous. You will be able to designate the rotarians of your club among the registrants. You can also designate several RoBoCo. The committees will designate their successors.

    Step 3

    Communicate better

    This is your autonomous and sustainable platform. It remains the RoBoCo's duty to make it live and feed it.Via the app, you will easily communicate privately to clubs or in public mode. Distribute the download link, build your army of supporters !.

    You are connected
    Registering with the site

    You have requested to take part in a forum reserved for registered visitors.

    Registration at RotaryBook

    NB: You will be picked up by the supporters of the club. If you are a Rotarian, it will be necessary to ask the complete activation of the RoBoCo of your club.